Do you prefer to receive applications via email?
An email application is faster than a postal one. What's more, you save the cost of printing and posting your job application documents. You can also send us your application by mail. Every letter of application is welcome.

When should I apply and what are the deadlines for applying for a job with X-FAB?
You can apply for a job with us at any time. A good time would be about three months before you expect to start your employment or internship. There are normally no closing dates for jobs at X-FAB (for external postings). As soon as a job is filled, we remove it from our website. We welcome applications for all vacancies currently listed on our website.

What should I include in my application portfolio?
Your portfolio should include a cover letter, a gapless resume and copies of all of your qualifications and references. We have prepared a list of tips to assist those seeking a trainee position. You will find them here.

How much will I be paid?
Pay is negotiated on an individual basis. Please therefore state your salary expectations in your application. We have fixed remuneration rates for apprentices and trainees.

How does your application procedure work?
First, we look at your application documents and decide whether your qualifications profile matches the vacancy you have applied for. If it does, we will forward your application documents to the department concerned. It is then up to the department to decide whether they would like to invite you to an interview. The first interview takes the form of a "get to know you" meeting. You will meet some of your future co-workers and will be able to question them (and us) directly about working at X-FAB.

Any other questions?
If you have any other questions, please contact the relevant person in our Human Resources department.