How to apply

Are job applications a closed book to you? Don’t worry – help is at hand. You simply need to follow a few basic rules. And then nothing should stand in your way.

What should go into a job application?
As a rule, an application consists of three sections: Cover Letter, Resume and References. 

1. Cover page
The first page of your application will either be the Cover Letter or a separate cover page.

2. Cover Letter
This is where you introduce yourself to the employer. In the letter, you should explain why you are interested in this job position and why you are the best candidate.

3. Resume
As your “business card,” your resume is the most important section. Dates should have no gaps and be organized chronologically. Make sure that you include the following information: Your name, address, details of your school education and specialist knowledge (e.g. IT skills or foreign languages), references to work placements, voluntary work, and civilian service (e.g. service completed in social or environmental work, etc.).

End your resume by giving the current date and signing your name in full.

4. References
All of the statements that you make in your resume should be backed up by references or certification. Don’t forget your last certificate! Important: Never send originals!

Paper application or email?
Whether snail mail or electronic mail – both formats are welcome. For email applications, aim to save your documents in PDF format. This ensures that printouts of your application always look the same.

Any further questions? Just ask!


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