Additional to our support of the professional development of our employees, we have a great variety of extra services.

Our broad spectrum of employee benefits starts with a valuing corporate culture.

As a multinational company many of our teams work closely on challenging projects with colleagues from all over the world. Our low hierarchies and trustful cooperation are an elemental part of our company culture.

With our idea management we promote the creativity of our employees. Our employees can count on our support when developing patents and working on publications. Over and above, we reward outstanding performances, for example with our internal employee reward program.

With our team events, we strengthen our team spirit. We are convinced that those who work hard deserve to celebrate. That is why we celebrate parties, like summer and Christmas parties, with all our employees at our sites. We think of ourselves as one big team. Therefore, our team members spend their free time together, while going for a run, practicing for the annual dragon boat race or singing in a choir. And during these activities they celebrate many wins together.

And, besides our monetary incentives and benefits,… 

We share our company’s success with our employees: we offer a fair compensation system with special or annual bonus payments.

During their every-day work our employees can enjoy further incentives: we subsidize their job tickets for the local public transportation and via our employee-PC-program every employee can lease electronic devices for private use with tax advantages.

Our employees, who are not directly involved in the production, can optimally combine their work with their private life by working with flexible working hours. And for our shift workers, we have thoughtfully developed shift models, which are constantly optimized with regard to an harmonious work-life-balance and to health benefits.

… we contribute to the well-being of our employees.

We focus on the well-being of our employees beyond the working hours. Therefore, we facilitate a broad range of health measures. Also the subsidies of our canteens at our sites, the supply of drinks (water, coffee and tea) as well as discounted gym membership, are contributions to the healthy lifestyle of our employees.