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The X-FAB Group - about 4,000 employees - is the leading analog/mixed-signal foundry manufacturing silicon wafers for analog-digital integrated circuits (mixed-signal ICs). X-FAB customers benefit from high-performance technologies, excellent technical design and prototyping services; and fast, easy and flexible foundry access worldwide.

Director of WBG Research and Development

Lubbock (TX), USA    

Job Description

Job Function:

The Director of WBG Research and Development, for the WBG research and development operations, is responsible for defining new module exploration and development, new technology exploration and development, all new SiC process requirements, the formal release of all new SiC process and module offerings, within X-Fab Texas.  Duties include working directly with SiC customers & The Functional departments within the X-FAB Texas organization to assure standards of excellence are established and maintained as well as ensure that the systematic and infrastructural components to new technological developments are in place. Furthermore, the Director of WBG Research and Development must work closely with the SiC Business Unit to justify, financially, the motivations for WBG technological advances and making recommendations on how to grow and improve our SiC business through a strategic development plan as well as managing the execution of that plan. Additionally, the Director of WBG Research and Development must continue to support Process Integration as a major advisory role in both new process that are integrated into XFAB as well as technical issues concerning continual improvement. With the combined knowledge of device physics, device design, and material processing, the Director of WBG Research and Development maintains a unique perspective to aid in scrap reduction, yield improvement and overall identification and implementation of best practices of semiconductor processing techniques.


  • Create and maintain a strategic technological advances:
    • Maintains X-FAB’s standing as the leader in SiC foundry services
    • Ensure timely and barrier free transition for customer access to new module and technology offerings
    • Maximizing profit potential for high margin services/offerings
    • Team oriented with all major X-Fab internal customers (Mask Tooling, IT, Process Engineering, Process Integration, Yield Enhancement etc.)
  • Provides technical direction for the requirements, design, characterization and integration of X-Fab’s SiC module and technology offering
  • Apply industry & benchmarking knowledge to improve module and technology selections to our customers
  • Establish w/ functional departments a system for module/technology onboarding and streamlined implementation
  • Creates and executes development and business plans to meet changing needs and requirements.
  • Prepare proposals for executive management
    • Write proposals for new module and technology development and associated equipment needs, etc. to outline coast and projected ROI
  • Owns the development lifecycle and is responsible for managing technical risks
  • Supports performance reviews (as required) and mentors others within the R&D team.
  • Manages technical resources within budget and project schedule.
  • Consistently delivers high-quality services to our internal and external customers.
  • Create & execute a SiC Module and Technology roadmap that takes advantage of both the technical and business opportunities. Communicates effectively with customers to identify needs and evaluate alternative technical solutions.
  • Utilizing inputs from customers and technical conferences, continually refine X-FAB’s SiC Module and Technology roadmap to stay as the benchmark of the industry
  • Build a knowledge base of each customers business, technology and objectives.
  • Manages customer interaction and expectations regarding development efforts
  • IP Strategy Development / Implementation
  • Research IP space and coordinate licensing arrangements
  • Identify opportunities for X-FAB IP development
  • Manufacturability of SiC Processes and Process Block flows for both modules and new technologies.
  • Working with the Process Engineering Team & our customers ensure:
    • We identify all new processes and or applications where manufacturability is a potential issue
    • We ensure our processes are manufacturable prior to release

Current Skills/Competencies:

  • In-depth technical knowledge of the SiC discrete process and business goals as well as other technological areas not typically/currently associated with SiC in industry such as CMOS
  • Strong device physics understanding for Si as well as WBG materials.
  • High level of knowledge concerning WBG material processing.
  • Strong understanding of both material and electrical characterization methods and data preparation and analysis.
  • Understanding of PCM design and test routines
  • Ability to create and publish design rules and aid in DRC creation
  • Be proficient in design architectures for various technology types as well as the layout tools required to implement designs
  • strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • must be effective team-builder
  • the ability to motivate staff and evaluate performance.
  • Excellence interpersonal skills
  • goal-oriented & deadline-driven, and
  • the ability to identify and solve problems as they arise.
  • must have strong budgeting and scheduling skills,
  • Be proficient in word processing, spreadsheet programs, statistical analysis tools, PowerPoint.

Job Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Material Science or related field.
  • 10 years experience in the field of semiconductor development. Graduate school may count as equivalent years experience depending on the applicant’s area of emphasis.

Contact person: Valentina Orta
or online at: hrlbb(at)

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