"Ability Gender Project" – gender equitable career and life planning an "Ability Plus" - Business simulation

Our Partner for the Ability Gender Project are pupils of the class 9 of the Edith Stein School in Erfurt. During Project Days, the pupils spend the morning in our training center learning mainly about the technical professions that we train for. We discuss the requirements needed to become a microtechnology or mechatronics specialist and why these jobs can be particularly attractive to women. This is followed by a hands-on session in the lab where everyone has an opportunity to look through a microscope and is given a demonstration of why a steady hand is needed when handling wafers. In the afternoon, the students discuss the project back in the classroom.

Our Partner for the Ability Plus Project are puplils of the classes 8-9 of the Königin-Luise-Gymnasium in Erfurt. The Ability Team offers a 2-days Business Simulation. X-FAB HR supports the team proceeding job interviews. During the workshop we offer valuable information for job application.