Girl's Day

On Girls' Day, X-FAB offers vocational guidance to young women, hoping to interest them in the exciting technical career opportunities available at X-FAB.

Participants get to talk to our female trainees and students, who explain what motivated them to go in for a technical career and describe their experience of being a woman in the workplace. There will be a "training quiz" with questions about different careers that has been designed to help students get their bearings. There will, of course, be plenty of practical activities such as a small diversion into the field of physics which culminates in a look through a microscope.

The aim of Girls' Day

The aim of Girls’ Day is to dispel any prejudices that young women may have about technical or technology-related jobs and allow them to experience the world of work at first hand.

We are happy discuss this issue with teachers and provide them with ideas for interesting teaching topics and vocational guidance projects.

Parents who wish to help their daughters make sensible career choices can also attend Girls' Day along with their daughters. Everyone who attends comes away with a wealth of valuable information that will help expand the range of career choices available to young women about to embark on a career.

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