SKATING career orientation program – career guidance for high schools

SKATING is a study and career choice counseling program for senior high schools in Thuringia sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and the Federal Employment Agency.

As one of the program's cooperation partners, X-FAB works closely with Thüringer Wirtschaft e.V. on the project, which is supervised by the Erfurt Employment Agency. For some years, we have contributed to the project by organizing information afternoons in our training center, offering traineeships and supporting test assessment centers.

The modules facilitate well-informed career decisions.

SKATING is organized on a modular basis and aimed at high school students in grades eight through 11. The school principal chooses the most appropriate modules for his school, which are certified in advance by the Employment Agency.

The initial focus is on fact-finding visits to the plant for eighth-graders and on finding, verifying and studying career-relevant information. On-the-job work experience at skilled worker level is available to ninth graders. This allows students to see what is involved in different jobs. In 10th grade, traineeships become more academically focused. Students make contact with companies to help them decide whether they want to participate in the "Dual Study" system. In 11th grade, students visit the universities in Thuringia to get a taste of their preferred subject areas for study so that they can, with the aid of the Careers Service, make a well-informed career choice in the following year.

More on the project

Since 2008, over 2,000 students at 11 high schools in Erfurt, Arnstadt, Weimar and the Weimarer Land region have taken part in this new form of vocational counseling.

Vocational counselors from the the Erfurt and Weimar Employment Agencies are assisted by four training providers, with coordination being undertaken by the Employment Agencies. The cost of coordinating the program is covered by the Federal Employment Agency and the Free State of Thuringia, with some funding from the European Social Fund.

Visits to the X-FAB training center are, of course, free of charge.


Promotional flyer – Overview of SKATING for parents and teachers

Promotional flyer – Overview of SKATING for high school students