The X-FAB Group - about 4,000 employees - is the leading analog/mixed-signal foundry manufacturing silicon wafers for analog-digital integrated circuits (mixed-signal ICs). X-FAB customers benefit from high-performance technologies, excellent technical design and prototyping services; and fast, easy and flexible foundry access worldwide.

Internship - Semiconductor cross section display plug-in (m/w)

Job description

Define and implement a plug-in for the open source Klayout layout viewer for cross section and 3D visualisation.


Background definition

  • „Analyse and understand the types of semiconductor process steps,
  • „Identify the Klayout software capabilities in display and scripting libraries,
  • „Propose a strategy for cross section evaluation.

Implement a cross section viewer  

  • „Implement the script architecture,
  • „Render the cross section,
  • „Define the technology description database for the X-FAB technologies,
  • „Demonstrate and provide basic training.

Job requirements

Basic software coding capability, open to new disciplines e.g. semiconductor manufacturing and CAD tools, the trainee will need to interact with the users, understand their story and propose practical implementations.

Software knowledge, e.g. Python/Ruby

Application info

Durée du stage : 4 mois.

Contact person: Célia BINET
or online at: recrutement(at)

Online Application

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