Welcome to the Ile de France

Whether you choose to live in Corbeil-Essonnes, Fontainebleau or Paris you will find an ideal place to settle down, either close to the nature or as a city lover.

The X-FAB France site is situated 35km (21 miles) south of Paris. It is equally situated on 2 towns, Corbeil-Essonnes and Le Coudray-Montceaux which also divides the countryside and the start of the Parisian urban area. There is a vast transportation network in place and in the very near future a new project to improve and en-globe the growing Parisian outskirts for those who prefer the town life and decide to reside in or around Paris. South of the site, there is a large choice and possibility of finding a residence in the calm countryside and for those who wish to venture further afield, Fontainebleau is 25 km further south. It is a beautiful town with 15,000 habitants, very well known for its forests and climbing activities, and brings together culture, nature, tranquility and liveliness.

Living in this region, you are within 45 minutes from the center of Paris either by car or public transport and you can easily take advantage of everything Paris has to offer particularly from a cultural aspect.