Erfurt, Germany

Erfurt, the capital of the Free State of Thuringia, is located in the heart of Germany, which gives it a convenient location for transportation and travel. Historically, the city has always been an important center of the semiconductor industry. 

X-FAB Erfurt at a glance

X-FAB Erfurt is where it all started back in 1992. The location has a long tradition in the development and manufacturing of microelectronics. Today, the site is at the forefront of developing new MEMS-based processes and helping our customers to bring innovative devices to market that combine CMOS- and MEMS-based functionalities.

At our Erfurt site, we combine stability and future viability, because the history of X-FAB Erfurt goes back to the Funkwerk Erfurt, which was built in the 1940s. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the X-FAB Group was successfully privatized and steadily expanded from Erfurt to its six production sites. Currently, around 800 employees work at the Erfurt site.

The focus is on the production of 6-inch wafers in the CMOS area as well as 6- and 8-inch wafers in MEMS technologies. Currently, the following functions are located at the site: finance & controlling, human resources (HR), information technology (IT), operations (including engineering & production), procurement, quality, sales & marketing, supply chain, technology.

800 Employees
21000 8"-Wafer-Starts per month
3 Jobs in Erfurt, Germany

Local Benefits & Perks

Interested in what benefits and perks are offered as part of the X-FABulous package? We are confident that we have something in store that makes the difference for you. Find out and explore the local benefits we offer our employees at X-FAB Erfurt. 

Career development and training

We offer in-depth training for professional development, but also training on a personal level in the soft skills area, depending on the needs of our different internal target groups. For this purpose, we work together with reputable external training providers.

Health and prevention programs

The health of our employees is an important asset and is very important to us. In order to positively influence this, we have a company doctor who offers regular preventive medical checkups. Furthermore, we offer regular vaccination campaigns, such as flu shots or Corona vaccinations.

Pension provisions

To ensure financial security in old age, we subsidize various pension programs for employees. They can choose either between the payment into the pension fund or the conclusion of a direct insurance policy.

Work-life balance

To our employees we offer the possibility of mobile work as well as flexible working hours for people working not in shifts. Additionally, our employees can decide working part-time. We also allow colleagues in their mid-fifties to take advantage of the age-release offer, i.e., to work reduced hours on a weekday with full pay compensation.

Bonus schemes

At X-FAB, we remunerate good performance with flexible bonus schemes and on-the-spot rewards. We acknowledge inventions and innovative ideas with special rewards. In addition, there are employee referral programs in place. 

International secondment program

You would love to work in a different country or even on a different continent? Our international exchange program might be just the right thing for you. Whether it is for an internship or even a relocation, it is all possible within the X-FAB family.

Cafeteria and meal subsidy

We subsize the different meals offered in our canteen. Our employees can choose out of a various offer for breakfast and lunch. 

Free parking & good local infrastructure

We provide a spacious parking area for our employees, visitors and suppliers. Additionally, the connection to public transportation is very good. A tram stop is located directly in front of our Erfurt plant. 

Employee discounts

We participate in the well-known Corporate Benefits program for which all our employees can register. This gives access to numerous discounts at countless retailers - from fashion to travel and technology up to cars.

Free drinks

We provide our employees with free drinks - water and all types of specialty coffees.

About Erfurt

The heart of Germany and state of German poets and thinkers.

Erfurt, the capital of the free state of Thuringia, is located right in the heart of Germany, which gives it its favorable location for transport and travel. Erfurt is also in the immediate vicinity of famous towns and cities such as Weimar, Jena and Eisenach. With more than 200,000 inhabitants, Erfurt is once again rapidly developing into a university city with great flair and character. 

Many unique features characterize the medieval city of Erfurt, which is not only the largest city in Thuringia but is also one of the oldest cities in central Germany. The city's eventful history began over 1,250 years ago with its early development as an economic, political and cultural center being largely due to its favorable location at the crossroads of important European trade routes. Prominent figures such as Martin Luther, Ulrich von Hutten, Adam Ries, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Schiller and Wilhelm von Humboldt have a close association with the history of the city.  

The charm of the well preserved and carefully restored medieval part of the city with its traditional patrician houses, picturesque alleys and squares can be discovered in the Andreas- and University quarter.

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