Itzehoe is situated in the south-west of Schleswig Holstein, about 60km north-west of Hamburg. The county seat of Steinburg counts close to 31.000 inhabitants and is located next to the river called Stör and surrounded by agricultural areas and forest.

In the city you can find nice restaurants, cosy bars or discoteques. You can spend some time in the Holstein Center downtown with its 40 shops and go shopping. As part of the week of Itzehoe there is for example the wine festival around downtown and the Malzmüllerwiesen every year where you can find many booths for drinks and food.

In the 12th century Itzehoe was mentioned for the first time, in 1657 the city was almost destroyed completely in the war of the Danish and Swedish. The cloister of the church Laurentii is the only survived construction of the middle ages in the city. Besides the church the historical courthouse, the monastery of the Cistercian convent and the “Pinzeßhof” – a former mansion – are significant buildings in Itzehoe.

In the first half of the 20th century the economy was characterized by its cement plant and its harbor. Today the Fraunhofer institute for silicon technology (ISIT) and the association for technological support in Itzehoe (IZET) have an important economic impact on the whole area. 

There are urban partnerships with Cirencester (UK), the French community La Couronne im Département Charente and with Pasłęk in Poland.


You can reach Hamburg within 45 minutes by car or by train. You can find lots of places of interest and tourist attractions there like the DOM - the biggest fair in Northern Germany -, the antique warehouse district and the harbor with its famous skyline and the Landungsbrücken, the well-attended Reeperbahn or the traditional fish market.

In Glückstadt, a city about 25 minutes ride from Itzehoe, you can take the ferry for another 25 minutes to Wischhafen in North-East Germany across the Elbe river.

At the small airport called hungry wolf, a former aviation regiment of the army, in Hohenlockstedt you can enjoy the landscape from above or party at the trucker and country festival.

Popular in the area is the carnival party on the first Saturday of each February called FuBaMa in the Colosseum in Wilster. Also famous are the traditional carnival parade in Marne on Shrove Monday, the cabbage days in the region or the weeks of the matie. Well-known not only in the North of Germany is the Heavy Metal festival Wacken Open Air (WOA), which takes place about 15 minutes away from Itzehoe.

In about 25 minutes you can reach Brunsbüttel, the place where the Elbe river enters the North see. Further in the North across the canal, which connects North and Baltic Sea, you will reach the more famous holiday areas at the North Sea like Büsum or Sankt Peter-Ording. Eckernförde at the Baltic Sea is about 80 km from Itzehoe, Kiel about 70 km.