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Our engineers work on innovative technologies. To do this, they need the will to constantly develop, the openness to incorporate new perspectives and the focus on the needs of our customers. Our development, production and quality teams are always looking for qualified candidates in a variety of engineering fields (electrical, chemical, material science, information systems, etc.), physicists or chemists.

"Quality is when customers return and not the goods."

Matthias, Senior Engineer Failure Analysis, X-FAB Erfurt

Matthias’ choice was to embark on a career in engineering, and he already joined X-FAB as a student as part of his dual studies in electrical engineering. Meanwhile, he has been working as an engineer at X-FAB in Erfurt for more than ten years. He is currently serving as senior engineer in the failure analysis department, but what exactly are Matthias' tasks?

Matthias provides support to the production team and contributes to the quality of X-FAB’s products by analyzing sources of defects on silicon wafers. He is doing laboratory tests but also microscopic examinations to exactly determine defective areas on a wafer. Matthias also analyzes defective wafers returned by customers and works closely with external partners like institutes to characterize such failures and define improvements for the future. No two days are alike and it never gets boring. For Matthias, it is the mix of lab and office work that makes his job so rewarding.

After work he likes to spend his time outdoors romping about with his kids and the dogs. Often he can also be found in his little workshop doing woodwork, building stylish furniture or tinkering with electronic gadgets.

Matthias is well respected in his professional environment with his achievements being much appreciated and he is proud of having built such a good reputation: "I am happy about being needed professionally. I draw part of my strength from that. The other part I get from my family." His professional credo, which is reflected in Matthias' actions, can be described as followed: Quality is when customers return and not the goods.

My top priorities: making microchips work and being a father. 

Matthias works as a defect analysis engineer and has two kids. He is responsible for defect inspection on the wafers and measures the quality of the wafers on the microscope. 


If you could learn something new in just 10 mins, what would it be?  

I would love to be able to do a kickflip with my skateboard.


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Engineers and Technicians at X-FAB

Our engineers work on innovative technologies. To do this, they need the will to constantly develop, the openness to incorporate new perspectives and the focus on the needs of our customers. Our teams supporting the focal points of research & development, producing and high quality standards are always looking for qualified electrical engineers, physicists or chemists. We are looking for colleagues who develop new ideas and who want to contribute to the success of X-FAB.

As part of the service team, the technicians support our production around the clock. You will be responsible for providing technical support for the complex semiconductor manufacturing equipment assigned to you. 
As part of the equipment engineering team, you'll support our demanding manufacturing operations. Every day you will work at eye level with our production teams, our process engineers and our external service providers. A technical education or a technical degree with a focus on the semiconductor industry is an advantage.

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