Internships provide the great opportunity to gain on-the-job experience while studying at a university. Both, the intern and the company benefit: the students can apply their theoretical knowledge and gain practical working experience. The company, on the other hand, establishes contact with new talents at an early stage. At X-FAB, you can do an internship at each of our six manufacturing sites.

"Advancing future technologies and my career."

Oliver, Development Engineer (Process Control Monitoring), X-FAB Erfurt

Oliver started his professional career at X-FAB in Erfurt, Germany, right after graduating from university. For him, the job at X-FAB was the perfect fit after obtaining his degree in technical physics. 
As a development engineer, he works mostly on his own and independently, but appreciates the interaction with customers and colleagues.

Oliver is responsible for testing the wafer at the end of the manufacturing process before it is delivered to the customer. His tasks include designing the test layouts, programming the equipment in the clean room, performing electrical tests and, finally, evaluating the test results with the customer.

Those results ultimately have an impact on whether production of a specific device can be continued. 

"I am involved in the overall process of making the product. Having this insight makes me really proud. I am an interface both internally and externally. Internally, I deal with different departments: from process development to product management to quality assurance. Externally, I am in direct contact with the individual customers."

It is fantastic that I can contribute to making our customers’ products better with my work.

As a development engineer, Oliver works mostly on his own and independently, but appreciates the interaction with customers and colleagues.


When are you satisfied at the end of a working day?

It makes me happy, when my measurements make sense, uncover problems and help others.


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Opportunities for students

Internships are a great opportunity to gain on-the-job experience while studying at a university. We offer internships in different departments like production, engineering, customer service, quality, human resources and technology.

As a student you can apply for a local internship, for an internship abroad, as working student or for writing your thesis. In any case, you will be an important part of the X-FABulous team at one of your six manufacturing sites and you will take over responsibility in your first project.

At X-FAB you will always be supported by experts with many years of professional experience. If you are a students with great communication skills, you are self-organized, reliable and comitted to work independently, then get in touch with us or apply directly via the below contact form.

Once you have gained initial experiences at X-FAB, the doors are open for you to join the company after graduation.

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