Operators accompany the creation of silicon wafers in all the steps they go through on their way to becoming microchips. They are part of the core team that processes the wafers and ensures the high quality of the products. Under clean room conditions, they are responsible for operating complex equipment and performing regular measurement and control tasks.

"I love the working culture and the benefits the company offers."

Nicholas, Technician, X-FAB Sarawak

Nicholas plays an important role right at the end of our manufacturing process, just before the wafers are shipped to customers. In the test area, he is supporting the team of test engineers to make sure that all the required equipment is up and running and that the so-called process control monitoring test, or PCM test for short, can be performed smoothly. Nicholas is always there to support his team, whether he is carrying out preventive maintenance tasks or verifying that the gathered PCM data is correct. 

Nicholas takes his tasks seriously with a strong sense of responsibility while at the same time being easy to get along with. This mindset makes him a great team player. When asked what is needed to be successful, Nicholas states: “To respect every person in the company and to take responsibility for my words and actions, and not letting my own negative emotions impact the people around me.”

Show initiative at work and lead by example.

Nicholas is supporting the team of test engineers to make sure that all the required equipment is up and running.

Why do you like working at X-FAB?

What I love is the working culture at X-FAB where everybody is treated equally. It encourages coworkers to share their valuable ideas and to work together. We actively listen to one another and provide equal opportunities for employees to participate. Besides that, X-FAB also provides very good compensation and benefits to its employees compared to the other companies based in Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone (the industrial area where X-FAB Sarawak is based). The company rewards and celebrates successes while also encouraging employees to broaden their skills and their capabilities.

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Operators at X-FAB

As an operator you are interested in operation teamwork in your production site and you are open to work in continuous shifts. You work in modern production facilities under clean room conditions.

Furthermore you are responsible for the processing of silicon wafers in accordance with our high quality standards and defined deadlines. Your job will focus on operating complex equipment and performing measurement and control tasks in shift operations.