Working at X-FAB

At X-FAB we combine solid, specialized expertise in advanced analog and mixed-signal process technologies with excellent service, a high level of responsiveness and first-class technical support. 

What we do

We offer our customers a broad spectrum of process technologies and sufficient manufacturing capacity (100,000 wafer starts per month) to serve the growing demand for analog/mixed-signal applications. Our wafers are manufactured based on advanced modular CMOS and SOI processes with technologies ranging from 1.0 down to 0.13 micrometer. In addition, we offer special-purpose technologies such as SiC and MEMS processes.

The products that are manufactured with X-FAB technologies are typically used in the following application areas:

  • Consumer & Mobile Communications

    Our technologies enable communication and consumer applications that make your life smarter, greener and safer. With our foundry processes for sensor interface, power management and radiofrequency solutions we help to connect devices and people. 

  • Automotive Applications

    X-FAB provides solutions for safe, efficient, comfortable and connected transportation. Around 50% of our manufacturing volumes go into car electronics. Making chips for cars and mobility have been part of our DNA for over 25 years. Watch the video to find out where in your car you may find chips that are made by X-FAB.

  • Medical Applications

    With our technologies, we enable medical products for diagnostics, therapy and analysis. The chips we manufacture are used in medical devices that people trust for their health and recovery such as cardiac pacemakers, equipment for medical ultrasound and DNA sequencing and much more.

Company Benefits & Perks

It is great to have a job that match with your skills and interests and to be in a position where your contributions matter. But, of course, it is also important what benefits and perks are offered as part of the package. Everyone has different expectations and preferences, but whether it is a structured development plan, international secondments, flexible working hours or a pension scheme, we are confident that we have something in store that makes the difference for you.

Find out about the benefits that X-FAB offers on a global level and at each of our locations.

Career development and training

We support your career in a many-faceted way, through structured development plans as well as individual career paths, support in achieving additional qualifications, mentoring & coaching programs as well as a broad range of trainings and e-learning opportunities.

Work-life balance

It is very important to us that you can manage both, your work and your private life. Therefore, we offer flexible working hours, home office, early retirement schemes, appreciations or days off for special events such as births, anniversaries or weddings.

International secondment program

You would love to work in a different country or even on a different continent? Our international exchange program might be just the right thing for you. Whether it is for an internship or even a relocation, it is all possible within the X-FAB family.  

Pension provisions

To allow you to invest in your future financial security, we offer different programs for pension provisions or optional company pension schemes that you can choose to participate in.

Bonus schemes

At X-FAB, we remunerate good performance with flexible bonus schemes and on-the-spot rewards. We acknowledge inventions and innovative ideas with special rewards. In addition, there are employee referral programs in place.

Health and prevention programs

The large portfolio of health-related benefits we offer spans from subsidized health and fitness offerings, medical services, company doctor, to additional dental/optical/medical insurances at reduced rates.

Cafeteria and meal subsidy

At all our manufacturing sites we have a canteen or cafeteria and offer subsidized meals at affordable prices.

Free parking

At all our production sites free car parking facilities are available.

Meet the xfab team

We can tell you a lot about how great working for X-FAB is, but what really counts is what our employees say. That is why we would like you to meet some of our colleagues. Watch the videos below and listen to them to learn more about the working culture at X-FAB and the variety of positions and tasks there are to explore.

  • Hi, I am Laurence and I am working as an engineer in the global innovation team at X-FAB France in Corbeil-Essonnes, Paris. I really enjoy working at X-FAB, because it is an international company with a lot of diversity. Meet me here.

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  • My name is Junicia. Since 2006, I am working as an engineer in the customer projects and mask tooling team at X-FAB Sarawak. What I like most is the cultural diversity at X-FAB. Meet me and get to know what I like most about X-FAB.

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  • I am Sören and I am a process engineer and an instructor for our apprentices at X-FAB in Erfurt, Germany. Meet me and find out how X-FAB gives you the opportunity to develop yourself.

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    That's X-FABulous

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