What we offer

The innovations and ideas of our employees made us the successful company that we are today. We know how important it is to find, grow and develop talented people for challenging tasks to meet our company priorities and customers’ needs.

Therefore, we support the personal development of every member of the X-FABulous team with an individual development plan: it covers everything from technical knowledge and expertise at advanced level, to successful team work, to the ability to create ideas and develop innovations. It is our aim, to train and develop our employees according to the highest standards.

At each site, we are additionally offering a broad variety of benefits:

» Germany (Erfurt, Dresden, Itzehoe)
» Malaysia (Kuching)
» USA (Lubbock, Santa Clara)


After a new employee has successfully finished the onboarding plan, our support of the personal development does not stop: our performance management process aims at a regular and steady exchange between supervisor and employee to review and reward the abilities of our employees worldwide. With our assistance they meet and exceed their goals.

In our permanent process of performance management the employee and supervisor define priorities, make use of the employee’s strengths, work on the individual weaknesses and understand which development opportunities the employee could pursue.  At the beginning of a performance management cycle, employee and supervisor jointly define the goals and tasks for the upcoming period. At the same time they review the past professional tasks, if/how they were achieved and what the employee could improve. Employees assess their own performance as basis for their reviews. Supervisors act as mentors and coach the employees by providing constant feedback during the year.

To enable our employees to always stay up to date and to steadily develop their technical, personal and practical skills, we have a structured personnel development process. This process is either linked to the onboarding process or the performance management process, depending if it is a new or an experienced team member.

All supervisors plan the personnel development measures for their team members. When reviewing the performance in the beginning of a year, the supervisor and each team member discuss the upcoming tasks and responsibilities, what kind of skills will be needed and if any need for skill improvement result from that.
For us, personnel development does not stop with technical skills, e.g. trainings related to products, technologies, equipment, quality and safety. We also support our employees in enhancing their knowledge in practical skills as project management as well as social and personal skills, e.g. self and time management.

Supervisors and team members can choose from a variety of different methods: for example formal class room training, web-based training, rotational assignments (if applicable), shadowing assignments, on the job training, professional conferences/seminars and self-study programs.

Not every talented and aspiring engineer is aiming to fill a leadership position. Some favor to focus on enhancing their engineering skills. To support the career of our technical experts, X-FAB offers a program called Technical Ladder. The Technical Ladder gives us the opportunity to cluster jobs where technical skills are utilized to meet the high-standard technical capabilities of the project or work and to offer career opportunities. Individual development plans help to pursue the next steps of this career ladder.

In line with our further programs for your personal development, the Technical Ladder as well is a program based on the ongoing exchange between supervisor and employee: The supervisor or any other manager can nominate an employee for the Technical Ladder.  For every rung of the Technical Ladder there are indicators that define the knowledge and skills to be demonstrated. All employees who are nominated for the Technical Ladder are expected to lead by example in technical expertise, business impact and leadership. In addition, those nominated will also be expected to actively demonstrate our X-FAB values.

Every business can only succeed with excellent team leaders and managers. They keep their teams motivated and inspire them to improve their work performance.

According to the different management levels, we offer our X-FAB supervisors individual leadership programs. Program participants enhance their personal performance as effective leaders by targeted trainings: From personal and self-management skills, to social and interpersonal competencies as well as management and strategic skills. This, in turn, helps them to shape strategic direction, drive innovation and customer orientation, and optimize the value X-FAB derives from their department. They gain valuable exposure to leading-edge practices, models, and ideas for immediate implementation.

Are you looking for a challenge to work in a diverse team? X-FAB as a global company offers you to work in international customer projects with X-FAB colleagues from all sites worldwide. Most of our engineers are challenged to engage in remote teams.

For those who seek for an even closer collaboration with team members from other sites, we have a great opportunity: With a career enhancing secondment you will strengthen your organizational competency as well as develop new skills, work practices and knowledge. Working in a new cultural surrounding you will experience innovative and varying approaches.