Welcome to the land of hornbill!

Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak, Malaysia's largest state situated on the island of Borneo. A modern metropolitan city cloaked with romantic colonial charm, Kuching extends its warm hospitality and captivates guests to enjoy a relaxed and affordable lifestyle. Blessed with abundant natural resources, Sarawak is fortunate to have clean air and ample electricity supply.

Sarawak is also famous for its national parks, traditions, crafts, wildlife parks and most of all, friendly faces! The rich cultural diversities of more than 20 different indigenous ethnic groups as well as the extensive Malay and Chinese traditions paint a colorful portrait of Sarawak's ethnic and cultural communities. Also known as the “Cat City”, Kuching also offers an array of tasty local delicacies, fine dining as well as fusion of international cuisines.


In Kuching, you can find different budget and luxurious 5 star hotels at affordable price. Below are the hotels that you can easily find in Kuching city area.

Kuching is also famous for beach getaways less than 2 hours’ drive from Kuching town. Enjoy your relaxation trip by spoiling yourselves at our beautiful beaches, as well as fun time for leisure activities and water sports.


Medical facilities are well-equipped and located within driving distance around Kuching city. Besides various local clinics with qualified general practitioners, Kuching also offers quality healthcare services at various public and private hospitals:

Living in Kuching is relatively affordable and convenient; you can find both landed properties and apartments/condominiums at reasonable rentals. You may visit one of Malaysia’s most popular websites for accommodation search: www.mudah.com.my.

After 6 pm, Kuching will be filled with colorful streetlights, enhancing the natural vigor and charm of this safe and vibrant city. The City Centre will showcase Kuching’s rich culture and tradition with beautifully lit up monuments and pre and post-colonial landmarks such as the Fort Margherita, the Sarawak Museum, DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak) building and The Astana. Melodious rhythms from adjoining entertainment outlets, clubs, bistros and nightspots will surely tempt the energetic people - so get ready to explore more!


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