Internships provide the great opportunity to gain on-the-job experience while studying at a university. Both, the intern and the company benefit: the students can apply their theoretical knowledge and gain practical working experience. The company, on the other hand, establishes contact with new talents at an early stage. At X-FAB, you can do an internship at each of our six manufacturing sites.

"I love being part of the automotive evolution."

Elisa, Maintenance Engineer Apprentice, X-FAB France

At X-FAB, we value apprenticeships and internships: we value new-generation engineers who bring new perspectives and are willing to gain experience in our highly diverse work environment.

Elisa is fully integrated into the X-FAB team: aged 19, she joined the company a year ago and is managing her own project to analyse vibrations on specific equipment in order to prevent wafer quality issues. 

 “This is my very first professional experience, and my really open-minded colleagues made it so easy for me to adapt,” Elisa says.

What Elisa likes best about her job is that she has the chance to discover new things every day and to put into practice the theory was taught at school. Elisa got to learn from all her colleagues, who are always available whenever she has a question. But why she has decided to come to X-FAB?

"One day, I went to a car museum in France. Looking at the prodigious evolution of cars through the ages, I said to myself that I wanted to be part of this great adventure, and here I am, working at X-FAB where automotive is part of the company’s DNA!"

I learn from others and always respect those around me, whether it’s in my personal life or at X-FAB.

Elisa is well on track: as a maintenance engineering apprentice, she monitors equipment performance to ensure consistent wafer quality.

What does a healthy work–life balance mean for you? 

The most important for me is to feel at home in my work environment. Diversity is what makes a good team; I learn from others every day and always respect those around me, whether it’s in my personal life or at X-FAB. 

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Opportunities for students

Internships are a great opportunity to gain on-the-job experience while studying at a university. We offer internships in different departments like production, engineering, customer service, quality, human resources and technology.

As a student you can apply for a local internship, for an internship abroad, as working student or for writing your thesis. In any case, you will be an important part of the X-FABulous team at one of your six manufacturing sites and you will take over responsibility in your first project.

At X-FAB you will always be supported by experts with many years of professional experience. If you are a students with great communication skills, you are self-organized, reliable and comitted to work independently, then get in touch with us or apply directly via the below contact form.

Once you have gained initial experiences at X-FAB, the doors are open for you to join the company after graduation.

Find your new job and join the X-FABulous Team! 

Ready for the xfab team?

International Internship Program

Living and working in a foreign country is an important step in personal development and the best way to grow your intercultural skills. X-FAB’s International Internship Program offers you the opportunity to take this next step in your career and spend some months abroad at one of our six manufacturing sites in Europe, the US or Malaysia.

During your stay abroad, you can put the knowledge you gained in your studies into practice, while immersing into another culture by living and working with local people. Through this, you will not only improve your English, German, or French language skills, but also develop personally just as much as you grow professionally.

The steps to need to take for your internship abroad at X-FAB: 

  1. Application - We are interested in finding a good match for you and us. Therefore, it is essential to know what you expect from your internship. A detailed cover letter in which you introduce yourself and share your expectations is a good foundation for our decision. The more precise you describe your motivation, personal goals and topics of interest, the better we can search for the right internship department abroad for you.

    To allow ample time for all arrangements, it would be ideal to contact us about 4 months prior to your planned internship. Within a few days, we will get back to you and ask for your motivation and vita.

  2. Interview - Getting to know each other is an important part of the recruiting process, for you and us. In an interview (at one of our sites or remotely), we want to give you a better understanding of who we are and discuss what department and role fits best to you. 

  3. Organization - Once the contract is fixed, we will find a host family for you and take care of all the administrative and organizational tasks. Together, we make sure you are ready to take off for your experience abroad.

  4. Internship abroad - Start your journey and work up to 3 months abroad.

  5. Ready to continue? - You can extended your internship at the X-FAB site in your home country. This will only be the starting point for your career at X-FAB. 

If you’ve got the travel bug, you probably know a million reasons to explore the world. But how much can you learn about a culture on a short vacation? Working abroad will allow you to gain a much deeper understanding of a country. You won’t just be a visitor. 


There are many more reasons why:

  • You gain experiences in working in an international high-tech company.
  • You sharpen your intercultural competences and master a second language.
  • You get paid a monthly salary.
  • You take over responsibility for own projects.
  • You profit from experienced mentors and knowledge sharing.
  • This will be your entry for a career path at X-FAB.

The curriculum of your study includes a mandatory internship? Additionally, you are open to working abroad? Then the main requirements for your application are met. 


These are the requirements for your international internship at X-FAB:

  • An internship is a mandatory part of your studies.
  • You need to have a valid student visa or other residency authorization for the appropriate country (USA, France, Germany or Malaysia).
  • Your English language skills are good or very good.
  • The application process could take several months. Please keep that in mind and send your application about 4 months before the planned start of your internship.

“In my internship I had the chance to really immerse in a totally different life abroad. I was able to see parts of the world that I had never seen before. I moved from Lubbock, Texas (USA) to Germany and worked at X-FAB Erfurt where I gained practical experience that helped prepare for my future career. Staying with a host family made it a lot easier to adapt to the culture. I experienced what everyday life is like in a different country with people who made me feel like family.”

DAVID HOEFS, Software Development Engineer at X-FAB

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